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Classes & Clinics

 Our personalized fly fishing classes give novice and experienced anglers alike tips and information for successful fly fishing & catching. Classes are taught by local professional experts for casting, tying and fly fishing. A 3 hour clinic.

Introduction to Fly Fishing Course - $225.00 per person

Course Curriculum On Stream Includes:

  • READING WATER -  It all starts here, you have to be able to find fish to catch fish, looking at a river or stream and understanding where trout hold and identifying the seams and structure they prefer is step one.
  • CASTING POSITION - Before you attempt to cast to holding fish, we will teach you how to read the currents, then use stealth to position yourself for the best possible fly presentation to get a perfect drag free drift.
  • RIGGING- As important as fly selection, proper rigging is the basis for your presentation. Proper rigging can be the difference between getting the fly into the trouts natural feeding zone and making a perfect drag free drift or not.
  • LINE CONTROL & DRIFT- More important factor, than your ability to make long casts, is your ability to mend line, or high stick to create a drag free drift. Understanding line control, removing and minimizing slack fly line in drag free drift, incorporating these skills will up your game and increase your catch rate.
  • ENTOMOLOGY- Your ability to match size and color of the aquatic stream borne insects of the stream you are fishing is a critical skill more so than knowing the Latin names of insects. Understanding the insect life cycle, making  your fly selection to match life cycle and presentation, and how to fish the fly.
  • CASTING- Learning how to cast properly, what type of cast to use for the fishing situation. Casting is tempo and feel, loading line in your guides, creating and energized, accurate cast. Casting accuracy is improved by keeping a tight line loop, this will allow you to place your fly exactly where you want it to go on a more consistent basis.

This all sounds complex, its not once you have the basics, we will teach you.

All participants need to bring NC State Fishing License, lunch, water, appropriate clothing ( please wear darker or earth tone clothing; Grey/Khaki/OD Green)

All guests are welcome to bring along their own equipment or equipment for classes will be provided.

Casting Instruction - $75 per person per hour

Our professional casting instructors will teach you how to improve your casting. Whether you are a beginner or advanced angler trying to work out some kinks in your cast, we can help you.